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July 26th 2009-

Cast of Characters

Bob Newbie
Betty Newbie
Juliet Henderson
Brandi Newbie


Sam (season 1-present)
Rob (episodes 1-8, 15-16)

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Bob&Betty is a comedy series created and produced by Sam, and originally written by he and Rob. The series airs on SimTV and is produced as part of Sam's own brand - S.P Productions.


Main Edit

Robert 'Bob' Newbie - An unemployed husband and father who spends his life watching television and bothering his wife for sex, and his daughter for the sake of it.

Elizabeth 'Betty' Newbie - A hard-working, well-meaning wife who has to contend with the annoyances of her husband and manage to support the family.

Juliet Henderson - An upper-class college student who is lodging with the Newbies and has to adapt to their lifestyle.

Brandi Newbie - Bob and Betty's teenage daughter. She is disliked by her father, for no apparent reason, and has a crush on Juliet.

Hector - A robot who Bob meets in the North Pole after rescuing Santa. He is joining the main cast for the third season.

Recurring Edit

Gina Gerraround - a friend of Betty's who works as a prostitute.

Hannah Asbo - another friend of Betty's, who appears not to get on with Gina.

Stewart Spi - an annoying, peeping Tom-style neighbour of the Newbies.

Henry Henderson - Juliet's father

Paige Henderson - Juliet's mother

The Tramp - The homeless man who lives outside the Newbie house.

Gay Jay - A bar owner who Bob befriends in the first episode of the second season. He is a stereotypical gay character.

Military Guy - A regular at Gay Jay's bar who befriends Bob. Nobody ever learns his real name as when he is about to reveal what his name is he gets interrupted.

Vicrum - A regular at Gay Jay's who befriends Bob. He is mad at the world for his parents naming him Vicrum and he enjoys to tease Gay Jay.

Victor Damon Evile - A Vicar who is Bob's arch enemy as he used to pick on Bob when they were children. He continues to cause chaos for the Newbies but he dies when he is eaten by a wolf at the North Pole.

Miscallaneous Edit

Veronaville Ladies - a bowling team and high society friendship group.

Jasmine - A weird friend of Juliet's.


Juliet, a student about to begin college, is sent to lodge with another family who live nearer to her campus, but Juilet, with her upper-class roots, is in for a shock when she meets her new family. Bob and Betty Newbie are a working-class married couple with a daughter called Brandi. Bob is happily unemployed and spends his days lazing about on the sofa and coming up with new ways to inadvertently irritate Betty. Betty wants better for the family but with a low salary and no help from her husband, this is impossible. Poor Juliet also has to contend with Brandi, who has obvious feelings for her and isn't afraid to be slightly creepy about it.

Juliet soon gets used to life with the Newbie's and even decides to stay with them rather than taking up an offer from her Father to get her own house.


Airdates are given as each episode's first appearance on SimTV. The first season was co-written by Sam and Rob, but Rob departed afterward and the second will be written by Sam. Rob did later return for the final two episodes of the season season.

Season Episode No. Episode Title Writer(s) Airdate
1 1 Pilot Sam and Rob July 26, 2009
1 2 Mummy and Daddy Rob August 3, 2009
1 3 Betty's Dress Sam August 10, 2009
1 4 Sex and Vegetables Sam and Rob August 17, 2009
1 5 Barking Mad Sam and Rob October 12, 2009
1 6 Slobs and Snobs Sam and Rob November 2, 2009
1 7 Juliet's Decision Sam and Rob January 11, 2010
1 8 Bob Meet Betty, Betty Meet Bob Sam and Rob January 11, 2010
2 1 Back To The Newbies Sam April 23, 2010
2 2 Chitty Chitty Bob Bang Sam April 30, 2010
2 3 The Chavs Getting Married In The Morning Sam May 6, 2010
2 4 The King Is Dead Sam November 13, 2010
2 5 Deep Space Bob Sam November 21, 2010
2 6

The Ghost Of No.13 Skankwood Close

Sam November 27, 2010
2 7 The Newbies Christmas Adventure (Part 1) Sam and Rob December 23, 2010
2 8 The Newbies Christmas Adventure (Part 2) Sam and Rob January 16, 2011
3 ? Juliet's New College Sam TBA
3 ? Henry and I Sam TBA
3 ? Headmaster Betty Sam TBA
3 ? Mrs. Bobfire Sam TBA
3 ? Only Bitch (In The World) Sam TBA
3 ? Bob's TV Adventure Sam TBA
3 ? Bob Alone Sam TBA
3 ? Deep Space Bob II: Planet XXX Sam TBA
3 ? The Newbies Hit The States: Part I Sam TBA
3 ? The Newbies Hit The States: Part II Sam TBA
3 11 Bob's Baby Blues Sam TBA
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